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6 Ways to Love Yourself This Year

Many of us have flat-out schedules and long to-do lists that seem to just grow rather than get smaller. Living a hectic, busy lifestyle and not taking time out can raise stress levels and start to negatively affect your mental health. Before you know it, you’re burned out.

Self-love is essential for maximising your resilience to the stresses in life and improving your mood and well-being. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves first. Taking part in activities that are self-indulgent and caring can also help us feel more connected with ourselves, motivated and confident so that we are ready to take on the world. There’s nothing quite like dedicating some time to focus solely on giving yourself some sweet lovin’.

To help you love yourself more this year, we’ve compiled a list of things to help you on your way

New Year Resolutions

Setting yourself resolutions for the year ahead is a powerful motivator and can help you change bad habits and establish healthier ones. They can also help you grow in many aspects of your life, whether that’s socially, professionally or personally.

But the important point to highlight is that you set ACHIEVABLE goals. There’s no point in setting yourself unattainable goals – you will give up before you’ve even gotten started. But even when your resolutions are totally doable, sticking to them can be problematic.

Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolutions:

  • Choose a specific goal
  • Focus on just one or two resolutions
  • Make a plan of how you will achieve it
  • Start with small steps
  • Avoid repeating old failed resolutions
  • Learn from setbacks and use them to grow
  • Reward yourself when you do well

Health Checkups
This is something we often put off doing because, let’s face it, no one really enjoys a health check-up. But by avoiding them and not staying on top of your health, you are not showing yourself the care and love that you deserve. Looking after yourself and knowing everything in your body is behaving as it should will give you confidence and help you feel empowered. If you’ve been worried about a health problem but haven’t gotten around to getting it checked out, now is a perfect time!

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