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African Art
African art originated long before recorded history with rock art in the Sahara in Niger dating back over 6,000 years. Then, pictures and carvings depicted people, animals, and nature but while these themes are important to Africans, it’s the art itself - in its many varying forms - that has remained central to the culture.
Hotel De La Ville. Massimo Listri
If you’re looking for luxurious interior design tips for your office or your home, or if you’re simply scouring around for creative input for that trip of a lifetime you’ve been planning since the start of the COVID outbreak, then look no further than this list of incredible hotels curated by Architectural Digest. AD and the hotel industry are both sources the KOFISI design team rely on as, like they do, the best hotel designers often have to blend sumptuous and engaging design with functionality for productivity and hospitality.
Traveling Post Pandemic
As governments across Africa discuss lifting movement and travel restrictions imposed at the start of the pandemic, Condé Nast Travel has some interesting observations about how your vacation could be impacted by new operating guidelines. If you’re thinking of going further than your front door for the holidays, read on.
Why you need joy at work
Did you know that being joyful boosts productivity, that round rooms are happier places and that nature helps you concentrate? Steelcases’ Katie Pace speaks to designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee, to find out how to inject more joy into the workplace and other great office design tips. This is an edited transcript. Please click on the link below for the audio interview.
Train Your Brain
Should you drink more coffee at work? Would your boss let you nap at the office and what’s the best office environment to optimise brain function? Dr Jack Lewis, brain scientist and author talks to Steelcases’ Serena Borghero and outlines ways in which to keep our brains fit and healthy and working at their peak - for maximum productivity.