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Heritage Place


(Opening Soon)

Heritage Place


(Opening Soon)

Heritage Place


(Opening Soon)

Kofisi’s agile office space on Ikoyi Island is an excellent choice for any business needing reliable and secure serviced offices in the Nigerian capital. Known for its smart residential streets and high-end retail stores, the iconic Heritage Towers is a fitting addition to the area. Using recycled water systems, automatic presence detectors and high- efficiency lighting, it is the city’s first environmentally certified commercial building. Sitting at the crossroads of Lugard Avenue and Kingsway Road, this futuristic flexible workspace is within easy reach of Lagos’s international airport and main shopping amenities.


Rent an OFFICE

Kofisi’s Private Offices and Office Suites in Lagos are located in Heritage Place – one of the capitals most iconic and modern buildings. These secure and reliable enclosed offices are suitable for companies of any size who want to work in their own area, but who want to use the amenities Kofisi agile areas offer.


Rent a DESK

The agile office space in this Centre has been designed with pieces sourced from local artisans. It is suitable for clients renting flexible desks or who need a work location while in Lagos. Other state of the art facilities include a phone/Skype Booth, a Breakout Lounge, private Booths and Huddle Rooms for impromptu meetings, a communal Kitchen Parlour, a Book Nook, CoffeeCopy and a Coffee Station.


Rent a ROOM

Kofisi Meeting Rooms are for four to six people and can be rented for an hour or more. Knowledge Rooms, taken for a minimum half day, are designed for team strategy or team training sessions and can hold a large meeting. These rooms have been designed to create a working atmosphere which is at once studious and inspiring, and our staff members have been trained to ensure you have everything for a productive and smooth-running meeting.

Community space

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We believe that productivity is the key ingredient to successful, modern enterprise and it’s our goal to provide the most stimulating and sophisticated workplaces for businesses in Africa.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we can help your business grow.


– Meeting Room
– Knowledge Room
– Phone Booth
– Flex Space
– Private Office
– Office Suites
– Breakout Lounge
– Boothes
– Huddle Room
– Kitchen Parlour
– BookNook
– Coffee Copy
– Coffee Station
– Wellness (TBA)
– Baby Room (TBA)


– Front Desk
– Digital Lobby
– 24/7 C Centre
– Centre Support Team
– Weekend Access
– Office Supplies
– Business Class Printers
– Binding
– Mail and Package
– Daily Cleaning


– Super-fast Internet
– Uninterrupted Power
– Bean to Cup Coffee (TBA)
– Hydration
– Prime Location
– Professional & Community Events
– Africa Network

Where to find us

Heritage Place

Lagos Crossroad, off Lugard Avenue & Kingsway Road

Private Office (per desk)
Price On Application

Dedicated Desk
$250 per month

Flexible Desk
$150 per month