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Colour design for offices in Africa

Colour Design for Offices in Africa

KOFISI office environments are the most productive places to work in Africa, but it’s not just a coincidence that teams are motivated to work well at our Centres, it’s all part of a Grand Design.

Great office planning is about bringing everything you need together in one place – the efficiency and functionality of office space, natural light, high ceilings, using appropriate materials, allowing people to move freely, good ventilation and of course great style and accessories.

Elements that are all then tied together with colour.

But, much more than just being a part of office design, smart employers understand that colour schemes in the work environment can have a profound impact on the mood and productivity of workers and can have a lasting impression on clients.

As Picasso put it, “Colours, like features follow the changes of the emotions.”

Imagine rows of grey cubicles – with grey walls and a grey carpet – or rows of white desks and black chairs. Not a particularly stimulating environment and not one employees would want to spend much time in.

If you want to increase output, inspire creative thinking and promote harmony at work then inject some colour into your space.

“We live on a continent that is vibrant with colour and the effects that different colours can create, from the varying intensity of these colours, can be so different,” says KOFISI Lead Designer, Kendall Delaney.

“Orange is an exciting colour and encourages new ideas and new ways of looking at things, so we use it in our meeting rooms. Green stimulates concentration, so we’ve used that in the strategy rooms we call ‘Knowledge Rooms’. “

Scientists agree that certain colours elicit specific responses which interior designers use to their advantage.

Blue is one of the most productive colours. With a wide variety of shades, it can be vibrant or soothing and can have a calming influence on a hectic environment. Blue is intellectual and represents trust, logic, communication, and efficiency. Use blue as the primary colour in office areas that require focus and mental strain.

Red represents courage, strength and excitement. It’s a great colour to use in areas of the workplace that demand physical exertion. Red is active, intense and alarming at times and can stimulate and excite employees. It can increase respiration, heart rate and brain activity. But it can get a person really worked up and is best used as an accent and not as a main colour.

Yellow is an emotional colour representing creativity, friendliness, optimism and confidence. Incorporate yellow when you want to stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness.  “The right yellow will lift our spirits and our self-esteem; it is the colour of confidence and optimism,” according to British colour therapy consultancy, Colour Affects. “Too much of it, or the wrong tone in relation to the other tones in a colour scheme, can cause self-esteem to plummet, giving rise to fear and anxiety.” In short, the right splash of yellow can result in clear-headed and alert employees well-primed for confident decision making.

Green provides balance and represents harmony, nature and restoration. It’s a great colour in offices where people need to work long hours, since it’s the easiest colour on the eyes. It’s also a great colour to use anytime a sense of balance is top priority.  ‘There seems to be a positive association between nature and regrowth,’ says environmental psychologist and ‘Design with Science’ founder Sally Augustin. “So, if you want your employees to be more productive, consider painting work areas green.”

Orange is a more feminine energy and the energy of creation. Orange blends the physical (red) and emotional (yellow), creating a sense of comfort. It is often associated with food and warmth and is therefore a natural choice in kitchens. When used appropriately, it is also a fun colour, making it an option for a casual office lounge. Physiologically, orange vitalizes, inspires and creates enthusiasm.

It’s not just the colour itself that makes an impact; the intensity is also important. So, regardless of the hue in your office design, remember that high intensity will stimulate, while low intensity will soothe.

KOFISI’s design team uses locally designed wallpaper, flooring and African-made accessories as a way to introduce colour around the office. Clients with private offices can buy prints by local artists which helps sustain the local economy.

 “KOFISI’s goal is to provide the most stimulating and productive work environments on the continent, and we do that through great design and by being authentic to our local surroundings.” says KOFISI lead designer, Kendall Delaney.

“We use local artisans and designers who are heavily influenced by African colour and patterns – the red earth, the lush greenery, the expansive skies – inspiration which is all brought into our offices. We are lucky to have such creative surroundings to draw from.”

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