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About Us

About Us

About Us

Your team is your greatest asset so invest in your people by providing the most supportive workspaces possible. Our offices are designed to help you thrive, to nurture employees and to increase your company’s chance of success. Our agile licence terms give businesses the flexibility to react to the markets, matching resource to opportunity.

Stunning Design

We adopt global standards for comfort and productivity and collaborate with local craftsmen and artisans to create beautiful, iconic workplaces that are professional, as well as authentic to the local area. We are proudly Made by Africa.


We know how to make business productive and our full range of professional services will help your team excel at work and make visitors feel comfortable. From individual requests to staging large events, our members can rely on our Centre team to provide them with everything they need.

Enterprise Grade Facilities

Each Centre has a variety of workspaces delivering the same quality infrastructure and connectivity you’d expect for a leading multinational or blue-chip company. We provide an impressive range of specialist facilities and professional services that your employees can use every day and that your clients will admire. Your business will be powered by KOFISI.


Please call +254 (0) 703 041 000 or email to find out more about our Private Offices and Meeting Rooms.


We can find, fit-out and manage office space in any location of your choosing in Africa. KOFISI is the only company on the continent able to provide this unique and bespoke service. Find out more


Our clients include:



All of Africa

We are in multiple countries across Africa with each Centre providing a connected network of members enabling your business to enter, explore or expand across the continent from a consistent work environment. Our 2,000 members from multinational enterprise and local businesses benefit from a year-round calendar of social and networking events.

Customised Space

You can add any work specific requirements to your office, whether it’s interior design features or the inclusion of specialist facilities. We are the experts in delivering this for clients in Africa, having already successfully completed over 100 projects of this type in 10 different countries. Find out more

Knowledge Rooms

These award-winning strategy rooms have a comfortable library area at one end and a spacious board room at the other so you can flex between the two depending on what suits your pitch or presentation. The layouts of these rooms can be changed in multiple ways to help you get the most from the space and a dedicated butler is on hand so guests have your undivided attention.

Where to find us

KOFISI Centres are located in these cities:



Dar es Salaam


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