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The Move


The Move

Did you know you can save up to 35% on space costs by switching your team from a traditional office into flexible office space? Our Private Offices have flexible licences with shared facilities that are included in your monthly package. Traditional leases have unforeseen costs which you should be aware of including:

Upfront Costs

Lengthy leases – add on legal fees for a traditional lease which can lock you in for 5 – 10 years.

Capital Expenditure – new office space needs new walls, new technology, kitchens and lighting.

Interior Design – architect fees plus decorating costs, wallpaper, shelving, flooring, lamps and light switches.

Furniture and Fittings – you’ll have to buy desks and chairs which will need replacing over time.

Extra Costs

Facilities Management – maintenance and cleaning costs.

Specialised space – Meeting Rooms often sit empty, but you’ll still have to pay per sqft for your space.

Printing office and supplies – printer, pens, paper and notebooks all add up.

Reception and additional services – reliable secure internet and hospitality services will be extra.

Hassle Free

Your contract is with us and not a landlord, so your management team won’t get tied down trying to re-negotiate leases if you expand or reduce your space. We cover maintenance and upkeep costs so you can concentrate on what matters most.

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Our clients include:


Our clients

Productive Places

We are the workspace experts in Africa creating the most productive and inspiring offices on the continent. By partnering with us, your space will help you attract top talent and your staff will be motivated and energised every day. Our environments give enterprise the best chance of success.

Commercial Benefits

We take on long term leases giving your business the agility to react to market pressures on a monthly basis, by adding or reducing desk space as you need it. Your business will retain access to all our on-site facilities, hospitality and professional services.

Our Expertise

We have completed over 100 office fit-outs for companies across 10 countries in Africa. Our clients are among the largest multinational enterprises operating across a number of industries. We bring a decade’s worth of design, fit-out and management expertise to every project and truly understand what business needs to be productive on the continent.

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