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Redesign, Relocate


Redesign, Relocate


Redesign, Relocate

All offices in Africa will need to reconsider their layouts and service delivery due to COVID-19. Our solutions ensure you enjoy the healthiest and most reliable places to work for your team every day. Your safety is our priority.


If you want to reduce the number of people you have in the office by rotating teams we can provide the workspace to match. With fewer desks to rent, you’ll bring down office costs. Teams still have access to our professional services and exceptional on-site facilities when they need it.


Your office layout may need to be revised to comply with new guidelines. We are experts at building space for all kinds of business in Africa and can apply the necessary office space alterations so your business can operate safely and productively.


Perhaps you’ve decided your company needs to upgrade facilities and move to a modern building that suits health and safety requirements. We provide advice on finding and moving to Grade A commercial real estate in the most desirable locations in Africa.


We can find, fit-out and manage office space in any location of your choosing in Africa. KOFISI is the only company on the continent able to provide this unique and bespoke service. Find out more


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Space Finder

The unique KOFISI Space Finder package is designed for members who need help in discovering their ideal building in a location that suits their business. Our team of experts can then design, build and manage the space. Find out more

Design Capability

We provide an entire design and build service from concept through to selection. Our goal is to deliver sophisticated, global quality fit-outs for commercial space across Africa, so members can increase and enhance their productivity in an environment that stimulates and supports them. Find out more

COVID Credentials

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to deliver specialist COVID-19 considered workspaces and guidelines across the continent. We are the experts in advising, redesigning and rebuilding your space to reduce incidental face to face interactions, protect people and enable members to maintain a safe social distance throughout the day. Find out more

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