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We can find and fit-out office space in any location of your choice. Space Finder is a bespoke workplace service, designed to meet the needs of companies with 20 – 200 plus employees. This unique service is available across Africa and gives you the flexibility to choose your office design and location and the additional benefits of a serviced office. KOFISI is the only company able to provide this type of bespoke package on the Continent.

Find Your Space

We will find an area to locate your business that will benefit members, your enterprise and prospective employees. Our Grade A buildings have convenient transport links and first-class local amenities and, depending on the city, you can choose from high rise buildings to a campus layout.

Design Your Space

We design your space to suit your work style and workplace requirements. We can incorporate company branding, colours and logos into our interior design palate to build a strong company culture and to make your space stand out. No matter how specialised or complicated your needs – we will find a solution.

Manage Your Space

We can deliver a full package of professional office services. Our staff will ensure everything is secure, clean and in good working order, from front of house to the back office, so your team is productive all the time. Let our staff keep the office running smoothly, so your team can focus on the things that matter.


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Our clients

Productive Places

We are the workspace experts in Africa creating the most productive and inspiring offices on the continent. By partnering with us, your space will help you attract top talent and your staff will be motivated and energised every day. Our environments give enterprise the best chance of success.

Commercial Benefits

We take on long term leases giving your business the agility to react to market pressures on a monthly basis, by adding or reducing desk space as you need it. Your business will retain access to all our on-site facilities, hospitality and professional services.

Our Expertise

We have completed over 100 office fit-outs for companies across 10 countries in Africa. Our clients are among the largest multinational enterprises operating across a number of industries. We bring a decade’s worth of design, fit-out and management expertise to every project and truly understand what business needs to be productive on the continent.

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