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Flexible Workspace for Content Creators in Nairobi

Flexible workspace in Nairobi, for all types of media, influencers and content creators across Kenya.

Content creation is now a full-time job. Who would have thought? But who would have guessed we would be living through a pandemic too? Life can be unpredictable. Covid 19 has done a number on a wide variety of industries and, as more companies opted to work from home, it created a huge demand for digital and online content. While working from home, people consumed endless information at a much higher rate and, as a result, podcasting, blogging, vlogging, YouTube and other social media platforms became an essential – and cost effective – marketing tool for most businesses, with a reach that far outstrips other forms of communication. Enterprise across Africa (and the world) are reaping the benefits of investing in a continually engaging online presence and there seems no signs of it changing.

To create captivating content means that good creatives have to be in the moment and on the move, constantly looking for new ideas to broadcast or post, sometimes with a team and sometimes without, always looking for the perfect location to shoot or broadcast from, and then editing all their material into easily digestible content. Content creation is time consuming and it can take hours, sometimes days to come up with video or audio content that lasts just a few minutes.… wow, it’s almost not worth the effort!

That’s where KOFISI 9 comes in. A brand new flexible workspace for content creators in Nairobi. We truly understand that content creation is more than just posting any old picture online, that the backdrop, sound and picture quality, as well as what’s happening behind the scenes, are vital elements in creating the perfect content. Our new workspace in the heart of Westlands, has a professional media suite, podcasting room and a film and television studio – kitted out with broadcast quality equipment, a green screen and with post production technology and support available. Members will also have a range of superb quality Private Offices and Meeting Rooms with large screens and viewing rooms for their ‘just made’ content, as well as the space to present those all-important ideas and pitches to advertisers, producers or television executives. 

With the technology and work space for your perfect video interview or podcast all under one roof, it’s much easier to stay focused on creativity, and the services KOFISI 9 provides fills a much-needed industry gap in the market for media and broadcasting companies as well as modern, media savvy enterprise needing regular top quality AV content.

While it sometimes may seem easy to work from home or perhaps from a restaurant in Westlands, most creative brains are stimulated and inspired by other people. After all, we are primarily social beings. Working in a flexible space gives you the best of both worlds, delivering peace and quiet, along with the chance to interact and build networks with other creatives in Nairobi. Getting the chance to embrace a change of work environment will most definitely translate to an increase in productivity.

In addition, it takes a lot for creatives to build trustworthy brands and win over investors and partners. A safe, professional, convenient and captivating environment during pitches will greatly contribute to making this process easier. KOFISI 9’s quiet, yet stimulating Meeting Rooms are an added advantage when the tough discussions come in and the flexible space – with supercool Rooftop Café, outdoor terraces and new Bambino restaurant from the founders of Honey & Dough – will impress when it’s time to ‘cut’ or celebrate a win. 

In KOFISI 9 – flexible working in Nairobi is seeing a revolution in incredible work place design, top quality specialist facilities and 5-star services. Come and see what all the buzz is about.   

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By KOFISI’s Annebelle Wafula