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Do you love ticking tasks off your to do list? How great is that feeling of getting things done? Staying productive can sometimes be a serious challenge, especially when you’re in charge of overseeing the efficiency of a team, a household or an office. It’s even more difficult to do this without the aid of products and services that help to keep you on track and moving smoothly.

Productivity starts with your environment. A conducive working environment is the first step to getting things done and the different spaces at KOFISI are tailored to achieve different goals. Our sole focus is to provide spaces that enhance your productivity. The Meeting Rooms are best for when you want to power through presentations while The Café or The Secret Garden and the various outdoor working spaces in our Centres in Nairobi are best for networking business events and winding down.

In celebration of World Productivity Day on 20th June, we recorded a podcast with our Founder Michael Aldridge about the importance of productivity in the workplace. Listen here on how to maximise and encourage productivity in your organization.