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How to run a remote meeting productively

It can be difficult making sure everyone is focusing on the right thing if your team is working in lots of different locations. These helpful pointers will make sure you make the best use of available time

Are you social distancing? Have you made the choice to self-isolate and work from home? By now you’re probably an expert at making sure you can work effectively away from your office or coworking space – but what about meetings?

Meetings play a vital role for all KOFISI members and are probably even more important now employees are isolated and stuck at home. There are lots of productive and cost-effective platforms to host a remote meeting, but to make sure you get the best out of all participants, South African company, Supply Chain Partner says there are a few things you can do.

First of all, sharing your presentation before an online meeting gives everyone a chance to prepare and make informed contributions. It’s also good to make sure people have the document ahead of time in case there are difficulties sending it on the day.

To avoid people talking over each other, decide who is running the meeting and stick to the schedule or agenda.

Check tech is working and that the internet connection is stable. There’s nothing more frustrating than interruptions caused by dodgy technology. If the internet is slow then don’t use video. If you do need to use video – choose a good background. Headphones or an external speaker can make your voice much clearer.

If there are latecomers to the meeting – listen to what is being said and find a natural pause to join in and then make your introductions. Every time you speak, it’s also helpful to say who you are, so that people know who’s asked a question or who’s point is being made. If you’re not speaking, use the mute your microphone to reduce the amount of background noise.

It might be tempting to check emails or text friends – but don’t. Close any unnecessary applications and put your phone away during the call. If you’re the host, you can ensure people are engaged by building in questions every now and then and illicit input by asking everyone if they have any comments to make.

Lastly, if your team has been split up due to the COVID-19 outbreak, then it’s probably worth building in a few minutes at the end to check how everyone is doing. Perhaps hold a group breathing session, or plan to meet up on a more social platform for a private chat with those you suspect might be feeling the pressure during these anxious times?

Of course, some of these points will also come in handy when you’re back at your KOFISI Office. Our Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms and Knowledge Rooms will be ready for you – set up with the latest A/V technology to enable you to get the most from every presentation.

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