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Share your Heroes: Heroes on the frontline

Mashuja Day

Throughout the COVID pandemic, healthcare workers around the world risked their lives treating those affected by the virus. It’s for that reason that KOFISI would like to pay special recognition to frontline healthcare professionals – our heroes on Mashujaa Day this year.

Often working with limited or inadequate PPE and in very difficult and upsetting environments – in Kenya alone, more than 750 healthcare workers have tested positive for the disease, and 14 medics died, among them were some of the countries top doctors. In South Africa – which was much harder hit by the virus, a total of 240 healthcare workers had succumbed to the disease by August – with over 25,000 infected.

In April – on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the WHO called upon all governments, employers and the global community to take urgent measures to protect the occupational health and safety of health workers during the pandemic.

They highlighted the need for greater investment and support for those who were continually exposed to hazards that put them at risk of infection such as pathogen exposure, long working hours, psychological distress, fatigue and violence. They also said there was often insufficient provisions for mental health issues and psychological support for those who’d been dealing with the outbreak.

Safe and healthy working environments is something KOFISI clients can be assured of.

Mashuja Day Blog

Our Private Offices enable people to work behind closed doors in a professional and well-ventilated environment, minimising contact with other workers.

Our Meeting Rooms and Phone Booths can be booked and used as private spaces for people who don’t feel comfortable working in a co-working area.

Additionally, we have limited the number of people allowed in each workspace, to allow for social distancing.

None of this is possible in a frontline emergency situation.

As a responsible workspace provider, we are continually monitoring the COVID 19 situation, ensuring protocols are observed, working in line with government regulations in all locations, to keep our employees and clients safe and healthy.

These are challenging times for everybody, and KOFISI is pulling together to provide professional, clean environments with health and wellbeing as a top priority.

Lets remember and honour those frontline medical workers this Mashujaa Day.

Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)