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The importance of a workplace reception and hospitality service

The importance of a reception

First impressions last, and you only have one chance to get it right – so make sure that your choice of flexible workspace provider has a reception area that sends your clients the right message about you and your company.

As the leading flexible workspace provider in Africa, KOFISI’s designers have put as much effort into the design and layout of our welcome areas as the office spaces and technology we provide, because we’re not just representing ourselves, but our Members and their business.

Workplace hospitality helps our Members’ productivity and all our front-line staff have backgrounds in the hotel and hospitality industry. We make sure our Members are receiving the best service and their business is in an environment that supports them.

The ‘can-do’ service culture we’ve built, enables our reception staff to help Members with anything they need – from coffee to printing requests, and they’re motivated to think fast and solve complications as soon as they arise.  


  • Receptions should be clean and uncluttered. Now COVID is an ever-present threat there’s extra emphasis on making sure these areas are spick and span especially as a high volume of traffic passes through daily. Staff should make sure hand sanitizer is easily available and receptionists should be on the front foot when checking the temperature of Members and their guests.
  • We’ve raised the bar in office space design on the Continent and our reception areas reflect that. Our stylish sophisticated areas make an immediate impact and prepare any guests for more design delights around the corner. Make sure your space provider gives you that WOW factor as soon as you step through the door.
  • Some visitors might have to wait for a meeting to start, so furniture should be well laid out, stylish and comfortable.
  • Your visitors will never be inspired looking at a blank wall, so we’ve added interest to our spaces using colour, fabrics and artwork by local artists so visitors have something to look at while they’re waiting. They also get a truly authentic experience of our space and the locality of each of our Centres in Africa.
  • Using lighting and accessories effectively creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re about to visit the dentist.  Bear in mind that visitors might be doing some last-minute preparation, so they’ll need enough light to see paperwork.
  • The durability of furniture and flooring is important. It’s expensive to replace sofas and chairs and the reception is a major thoroughfare so make sure you invest in a decent floor!


  • All our staff welcome Members and their guests in a courteous and professional manner and approach everyone with a friendly smile. A cheery Habari Asabuhi? is always a good start to any working day.
  • ‘No’ is not in our vocabulary. Our staff respond with, ‘I’ll find a solution,’ or ‘Let me get someone who can assist you better.’ A proactive answer works better than, ‘I don’t know,’ or ‘That’s not my department.’ Incorporating these simple phrases if someone has a question or complaint, can be a game-changer for employee experience.
  • Our staff have a great rapport with our Members and know how to help them make their working day as productive as possible. If that starts with a coffee or a glass of juice, then they’ll get it for you. And they will follow it up with asking if you’d like anything else. Even if it’s just a refill.


  • A complaint is never criticism, it’s just a suggestion as to how we can do things better. If we haven’t done something properly, or your somethings not working in your office, we want to know so that we can fix it. It’s our job to make your work more productive.
  • Our Communal Kitchens are the perfect place to have informal meetings with colleagues and you can help yourself to free tea and coffee all day long. But if you’re in a rush and need to start work then our staff will get it for you.  
  • We manage all bureau requests like post and printing and have partnerships with all the best restaurant in town. Our concierge service will book your car for you and hotel bookings if you need it.

Have a productive day and we hope to see you in our workspaces soon.