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In order to grow, modern enterprise needs a reliable and productive work environment which nurtures and supports teams to help them focus on what’s important. For business operating in more challenging environments, that support can be more difficult to find. KOFISI understands the landscape of Africa and has invested time and expertise into creating a product algorithm which places hospitality alongside reliability and great office design, ensuring it offers the most sophisticated and supportive offices in Africa, leaving members free to focus on growth.

We want the time members spend at KOFISI to be hassle free, so from Private and  Customized Offices to Flexible Desk areas and Meeting Rooms – our workplaces are ready and set up for most eventualities that lie ahead in any given working day, and while our spaces are inspiring and engaging, we also understand how important hospitality is in order our members have everything they need and to address any issues before they arise.

“Hospitality is many things. As you enter your workplace tomorrow, think about how its hospitality is working for the experiences you desire.” says Haworth INC, a Canadian workplace provider.

Kofisi Manage Your Space i

When members book our Event Space or a Meeting Room, KOFISI staff are on hand for everything, so your guests get your undivided attention. Our Rooms are set up to suit specific member requirements, and strategy sessions in our Knowledge Rooms come with snacks and lunch.

Additionally, we have Phone Booths and Huddle Rooms, places for members to make private calls or hold informal and impromptu meetings. Our social spaces are designed for engagement or just to experience a different environment from your Private Office.

Technology is another key driver of our business. Our KOFISI app allows members to make requests from their mobile phones, from ordering drinks to booking space and notifying Centre Managers of any issues. Matters which can then be addressed within the shortest time possible. Our app goes a step further to connect business across not just within Centres but across markets, and the countries we are located, thereby creating additional business opportunities for business growth across Africa. 

Haworth INC continues, “Providing a variety of workplaces is key because the nature of today’s work requires employees to complete a variety of tasks within a workday. Individual workstations or offices do not offer the complete functionality for all tasks. Providing employees with a choice to select the workspace that suits their work needs creates a hospitable experience.”

Agile space is provided for members who need fast access to initiate their enterprise into the market, either through a hot-desk or a fixed Dedicated Desk.  For clients with over 50 people KOFISI provides a tailored ‘Space Finder’ solution whereby we locate office space in a Grade A building anywhere in Africa; design, build and manage the space for members. We are the only workspace provider in Africa who offers this service.

At KOFISI, we firmly believe the future of work is flexible – not only in terms of space provision, but because the type of leases we offer are more suited to modern business. By paying monthly for the number of desks a company needs, enterprise can take on more or less people at short notice and respond to market pressures – saving it money in the long run.

We are the expert workspace provider in Africa. Let KOFISI support and power your business on the Continent.

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