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What’s the KOFISI Credenza project?

What's the KOFISI Credenza Project

KOFISI designers continually collaborate with local craftsmen and artisans which ensures our Offices and Meeting Rooms across Africa remain authentic to local surroundings, reflect the landscape and reinforce our commitment to sustainability. Our flagship project is called the KOFISI Credenza Project, which has seen over 20 bespoke pieces made by Ogeto Okindo and his team.

A productive work environment is not just about putting desks, chairs and office supplies together in one place, it’s about using stimulating design to create engaging workspaces that give all enterprise the best chance of success.

KOFISI does this by blending first-class hospitality with stunning interiors and our Flexible Offices, Meeting Rooms and Communal Spaces are the result of a successful collaboration between KOFISI designers and local artisans.

By enlisting the expertise of these craftsmen who work close to our Centres, we ensure desks and other furniture, fabrics and art, bring local flavours into our offices across Africa, making the end product feel authentic, while also empowering and stimulating the local community.


The KOFISI Credenza Project is one such example.

Through a collaboration with furniture maker, Ogeto Okindo and his team, KOFISI has created a multi-purpose, bespoke unit for members which can be used as iconic centre-pieces for additional storage for files, books and stationery.

KOFISI Board Rooms and Event Rooms have these beautiful pieces as display cabinets and they provide an extra surface for refreshments.

“The Credenza Project is a breath of fresh air,” explains Ogeto, who’s carpenters have made over 20 credenzas for our offices in Nairobi. “The KOFISI design team has always provided us with the fodder and patience to explore new ideas, push ourselves to learn and better ourselves and most importantly, to create that which is new. For this we are grateful.”


The credenzas are hand-made, from all sorts of materials, such as bamboo or recycled metal, and no two are the same, so they can be customized to client specifications or brand requirements.  

The story of our Credenza Project is inscribed inside each piece.

KOFISI Lead Designer, Kendall Delaney says, ‘The Credenza Project epitomizes our commitment to using the wealth of creativity and technical know-how of local craftsmen. We can use local wood and recycled materials, so we’ve minimized transport costs and environmental impact. We can customize our products to the smallest detail and we have a positive impact on the community.’

As well as our Credenzas, over 50% of additional moveable furniture, art and accessories in our offices is sourced or Made in Africa.

And we use African prints, fabrics, textiles and ceramics wherever possible.

By buying local, KOFISI’s goal is to stimulate the local economy, sustain ancient traditions and ensure our businesses and members continue to have a positive impact on the communities whose artisanal products we purchase.

We are proudly Made by Africa.